Most award companies are primarily retailers who order materials from the outside.

Alliance Awards is a manufacturer and fabricator, which distinguishes us for our capabilities and our ability to deliver on a timely basis. As a manufacturer and retailer, you are not paying an additional profit margin because we perform both roles for our direct customers.

We do also perform wholesale services for other award companies, and we pledge to honor their relationship with customers. We never attempt to conquest a customer of our wholesale clients.

Our in-house operation includes:

  • Two (2) Protech Laser Engravers (give model number) that allow us to fulfill complicated orders on-site and on time.
  • Mimaki UV JV100-160 Printer that delivers sharp color designs.
  • XXXXXXXX Sand Blaster that delivers in-house engraving onto crystal and acrylic plaques.

Unique Options

While most companies may provide plaques to recognize achievement, Alliance Awards provides distinctive options that can set your recognition apart from others. These include:
Plaques – Usually offer engraved brass plates topping a wood such as walnut, cherry wood, rosewood, or mahogany and display very handsomely on a home or office wall
  • Cast Plaques – Feature a three-dimensional casting that encases a brass plate, usually on a wooden base and are impressive on a home or office wall
  • Acrylics – Feature three-dimensional design in a variety of shapes and sizes that offer an impressive appearance
  • Crystal – From a crystal gavel to a teardrop or egg shape, these awards stand out for their shape, elegance, and color, which can also include a crystal cylinder vase or a lead crystal rose bowl
  • Silver Trays – Traditionally represent an achievement in an adult-level competition (youth competitors tend to receive trophies); the elegance and simplicity of silver trays speaks for itself
  • Trophies – Designs such as the Twisting Star Bright that stretches to new heights is distinctive and impressive.


Perhaps you have noticed an impressive award in another community and wondered if a local company might be resourceful enough to make your honor stand out.

Please consider such options as:

  • An authentic branding iron – ideal to brand your steaks.
  • A bronze cast football helmet.
  • A baseball cast complete with a bronze hand throwing it.
  • A personal piece of sports memorabilia encased in a unique structure.

With Alliance Awards, you have a resource that serves you far beyond a catalog or website. There is no limit to our imagination or resources.

You Have a CHOICE

You have a choice: Use your existing awards vendor or consider Alliance Awards.

With your current vendor

You are most likely going to duplicate your last set of awards.

With Alliance Awards

We are committed to making your award presentation a memorable celebration. And remember, we are manufacturer and a retailer. Due to our on-site capabilities, we don’t send our orders for someone else to produce. We produce your awards in-house.

At Alliance Awards, we don’t just take orders. We ask relevant questions that ensure you are providing the appropriate recognition for your honoree(s):

  • What is the name of this award?
  • Is there a special significance to that name?
  • What is this award honoring (short-term performance, lifetime achievement, etc.)?
  • How often do you present this award (or these awards)?
  • How are you presenting this award (at a banquet or a meeting)?
  • What is the greatest compliment you have received when giving an award?
  • If you were receiving this award, what would you want it to look like?
  • Which option will benefit your company more? Which option will make your achiever feel more valued and appreciated?